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Voting FAQs
Why is my vote pending?
I choose the Online Payment Option, but my vote is still pending.
It’s either the user abandoned the transaction without completing the transaction or network interrupted at the point of transacting.

Why was I debited, when my vote didn’t count?
Sometimes, users with weak internet connectivity are debited without getting value. In such a case, the money would be reversed into your account within 24hours. Just give it some time and always use good internet connectivity to transact online. If after 3 days and money is not reversed back to your bank account, please meet your bank to complain.

I voted for the wrong contestant; can this be transferred to my preferred candidate?
No votes can be transferred to another candidate. You can however make another vote for your favorite candidate

How long does it take for my vote to reflect for online card transactions?
It reflects immediately when you pay online.

How long does it take for my vote to reflect when I pay with the OFFLINE method?
Within 60mins or more. It depends on when our bank account is credited. Once we are credited, we will check, balance the payment and activate the vote. Irrespective of the time it is activated, be rest assured that the vote would be activated once it has been paid for.

I don’t live in Nigeria. Can I vote?
Yes, you can vote from any part of the world. However, there may be limitations in some countries. American (USA) banks, for example, may decide not to honour transfers to Nigerian banks because of her poor reputation in international financial transactions. However, if you should encounter this problem, please use another payment option to transact.

Payment FAQs
What is OTP Code?

OTP means one-time password and it’s an initiative by the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) to guide against fraud for all online transactions for all Nigerian bank account holders. OTP code are sent to the phone number on file of an account holder. User is expected to copy and paste the OTP code on the website link to complete transaction. Note: Your account will only be authorized to be debited after you have entered the OTP code on the website.

Why is my page initializing for too long?
The initializing only happens for OPERA-MINI browsers when you want to call up the payment gateway. Please DO NOT use the opera mini browser. You can use any other browser like Chrome.

My bank didn’t appear when I tried to use the USSD or Bank Account payment options on the website?
Not all banks are on board yet for select payment methods, if you experience this situation, please use another payment option to transact.

 METHOD 2: VOTE using either cash Transfer or Cash Deposit:
To Vote using this method,
A voter should Make a Cash Transfer of cash deposit for a certain number of votes [Eg.
N5,000 = 50votes
N10,000 = 100votes
N20,000 = 200Votes etc
Zenith Bank
Studio A
√ Voters should send their
✓ Account Name
✓ Contestant Code
✓ Number of Vote(s)
to 08032065435(via Text or Whatsapp)
√A voter gets a successful vote confirmation message.

NB: Voters should endeavor to have a screenshot of their transfer debit alert/Bank deposit teller for proof.
To Vote using this Method
Simply Dial *402*96607514*Amount# (follow the prompt message)
(NB: Use a Phone number been linked to your account)
√After a Voter has been debited, kindly Send your
✓ Account Name
✓ Contestant Code
✓ Number of Vote(s)
to 080320654355(via Text or Whatsapp)

√A voter gets a successful vote confirmation message.