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Help The Humanity

Săve the children

to improve lifestyle of underprivileged society

About Us

A little Introduction About Us

Miss Globe Queen, is a great platform for young girls to groom their minds and personality and give them an enormous opportunity to showcase their talents on the national as well as international level. it is an exemplary platform for young models in The Globe to create a benchmark in the field of fashion. it  provides not only an opportunity but also training, mentoring, and grooming from stalwarts in the industry

The shoot of the Miss Globe Queen Beauty Pageant Organization set a new principle for what the 21st-century pageant is. By magnetize a wider age range, and a more diverse selection of fit female participator, among the ages of 18-35, we are the role models for pageants queens the world over.
· In spite of the reign of Miss Globe Queen is just 1 year, this miraculous Queen tour all through the world to partake in humanitarian charity events, while championing the elegance, IQ, and charm of women all over the world. She will have a single time in a lifetime opportunity to gain infinite channels, constant friendship, and unbroken support from assorted communities that will magnificent her dignity beyond imaginable outlooks.
Our Story
Every business has a beginning. Ours started with a vision to give women a voice,
and a platform to express themselves and their culture with elegance and class.